Woodstock Vermont Real Estate Services

Marketing: Our Approach

John Wetmore does not have a cookie cutter approach to marketing. We know that your Woodstock real estate is unique. We design our marketing approach to reflect the special qualities of your property. We create a marketing plan that is specific to your property and geared to sell it. We are this area's leader in outreach advertising and promotional effort.

Through the use of national and local media and the Internet, we reach a significant number of potential buyers in a focused and systematic way. We focus our marketing to reach a large potential buying group. We are the first in our area to make extensive use of video marketing. We use video on our web site as a way to introduce distinctive properties to a large buying public, and we create video DVDs and CDs for distribution throughout the U.S.

We are affiliated with "Leading Estates of the World." This affiliation allows us to extend our marketing reach through their large broker network. Through this network, we are directly in touch with a significant second home buying public. With a particular focus on Florida, Texas, and California, we reach, directly, potential buyers interested in what we have to offer. Through their magazine, Leading Estates of the World, with a readership of 3,000,000 high-end individuals for every issue, we reach across the country. The magazine has long been known for the sterling quality of its readership. It is distributed throughout the U.S. and 60 foreign countries.

Positioning and Pricing

We know our market. Our experience and knowledge of the Woodstock, Vermont area, allows us to both price and position your real estate most effectively. No more important decision is made at the beginning of the process than determining the correct listing price.

Our understanding of trends, pricing considerations, construction costs, renovation costs, and land costs enable us to advise you accurately in making this important decision. We have been most successful in doing this with existing clients.

Homes that we have listed over the past year have sold at 87% of the asking price.


We track over time all real estate market trends related to the Woodstock, Vermont real estate market and constantly analyze market conditions in order to better serve our customers.

We understand the ebb and flow of the housing and property inventory; the relationship of selling price to asking price; the general state of the market as it is currently and as it has been on in the past, all with an eye to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Buyer Broker Services

We provide Buyer Broker services for clients looking for a Buyer's Agent to represent them in the purchase of property. Please call for more details, or e-mail John Wetmore