Dail E. Frates, Salseperson

Several years ago I made the decision to relocate to Woodstock, Vermont. I grew up in the area, went to Woodstock High School and my dream of returning here someday became a realty. I live here with my husband and five children. We enjoy many things about the area and it is an ideal place to raise children. The outdoor activities for my family are numerous; including skiing, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, horseback riding and golf. The community is close-knit and it feels so wonderful to be a part of it.

In addition to the enjoyment of my family, the area and many sports, I equally enjoy my career in real estate. I first became interested in buying, building and renovating homes and selling them. I reasoned that with my real estate license I could save on the investment. Then, through friends and referrals I began selling real estate and found out that I enjoy doing that for others as much as I do for my own investments.

I bring to Wetmore Buchheit construction experience in the Woodstock area. I work with many local tradesmen and professionals and can help by advising my clients on the contractors compatible with their construction or renovation needs.

email: dail@wbllc.net telephone: 802-457-1515 ext 105